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About First Financial Education Centers, LLC

Did you know less than 47% of students who embark on a college degree actually graduate from college?

The cost of college is rising faster than the rate of inflation, making a college degree more difficult than ever to attain.

Our mission is to help families get their children into the college of their dreams, while creating a College Cash Flow Solution™ to ensure the family has the most efficient way to pay the college bill.

First Financial Education Centers, LLC Advantages

Student Services Department
Our student services department is devoted to making the college admissions process simple and fun for you and your student.  Our Student Services Consultants use cutting edge technology to help your student maximize their potential and guide them to a school and major that will motivate them for future success.
Financial Aid Department
97% of families we meet with would have lost out on financial aid if it wasn't for the experts at First Financial Education Centers, LLC.  Your financial aid consultant uses a prove and reliable system to meet all financial aid deadlines and to verify all your information is correct before we submit the forms on your behalf.
College Cash Flow Solution
Your child has worked their whole life to get into the college of their dreams, but you're not sure how you're going to pay for college on an already tight budget.  Our College Cash Flow Solution will show you how to pay for college most efficiently, while helping you stay on track with your long term financial goals.
Parent Services Department
The idea of your child heading off to college makes every parent proud, but what happens between now and then is very demanding on you and your child.  With one phone call to our Parent Services Department, we can answer all of your college admissions questions, saving you time and frustration.