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How We Help

A College Prep Consultant For Your Student

Your student will have someone in their corner who believes in them, to encourage them, to support them, and help maximize their potential.  Our College Prep consultants will simplify the college admissions process, guiding your student every step of the way, freeing up time to focus on what is important to them.

A College Prep Consultant For The Parents

You will have the convenience of only having one phone number to call to get all of your questions answered. You will have the peace of mind knowing an expert is in your corner making sure no detail is overlooked and all deadlines are met.   You will be able to watch your student progress through the program and you will be kept in the loop on their development and achievements.

A Thorough And Complete Assessment of Your Student

Using our proven and reliable assessment process, we will uncover your student's values, interests, and innate abilities they may not even realize they have.   This assessment will help your student know in which areas of study they will naturally excel and which career possibilities may be a good fit for them.  Your student will receive an exhaustive list of schools that will fit your student's profile.

College Search and Visits Training

We'll teach your student how to become a more attractive candidate for college admissions and guidance on how your student should prepare for their college visits.  Your student will learn the three most important things they should do the minute they get home from a college visit.  We will provide your student with a customized college list, including target schools, safety schools, and reach schools.

We Will Show Your Student How To Add Dimension To Their College Applications

Our proven strategies will help your student receive winning letters of recommendation and learn how to get their college application to stand out from the crowd.  We will also review their college application to make sure no details are missed or overlooked.  They will also learn "insider secrets" for maximizing merit based aid from different schools.

College Interview Training

We will give your student guidance on how to get rid of nervousness prior to their college interview. We will also prepare them for all the different types of interviews and how to handle them. To further prepare, we will conduct one on one mock interviews with your student to be sure they are ready when the time comes.

SAT and ACT Test Preparation Training

Your student will receive a customized program that pin-points your students needs and focuses on improving them.  This incredible program helps your student study for efficiently, saving them time to focus on areas in which they need improvement, not the areas in which they already excel.

The Admissions Essay

Your student will have access to one of the nation's premier essay editors, helping their essay stand out from the rest.  We will have brainstorming sessions to help your student choose the topic that will best help their chances for admissions.  Your student will have the peace of mind knowing we will proof read their essays for grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and other common errors.

Financial Aid Award Analysis

You will receive a comprehensive spreadsheet comparing your students awards from each school.  We will give you guidance on when and how to accept or deny your financial aid awards.  We will show you the steps to take should you receive a poor award letter and we will even write a personalized letter of appeal to fight to get you more aid.

Student Loan Training

We will explain and simplify the student loan process, helping you understand which loans are the best and which ones to avoid.  We will even help your student consolidate their loans when they are done with school.

Parent Resource Guide

You will receive a complete resource guide that answers many of the common questions, worries, and fears that parents face when sending their kids to college.  We will give you a simple, clear, and easy way to understand the college admissions process.  You will also understand how we will take the burden of financial aid forms off your shoulders.

New Family Orientation

You will understand the scope and depth of how we help your student have the best opportunities and maximize their potential.  You will understand how to get the basics out of the way so we can customize the program to fit your family's needs.  We will make everything simple, clear, and easy to understand so you will know exactly what's coming next and how we are going to help.

Our Financial Aid Department Can Take The Work Off Your Shoulders

Our proven and reliable system will eliminate costly mistakes and relieve you from the stress of having to fill out and submit the many different financial aid forms. Our financial aid consultants will:

  • Write Personalized Financial Aid Award Appeal Letters
  • Complete And Submit The Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Complete And Submit The CSS Profile Form
  • Complete And Submit All Institutional Forms
  • Complete And Submit The Business/Farm Supplemental Form
  • Complete And Submit Non-Custodial Profile Forms
  • Complete The Federal Verification Process For Your Students
  • Confirm The Accuracy Of The Student Aid Report And Make Any Required Updates And Adjustments
  • College Cash Flow Solution

    Your customized College Cash Flow Solution will provide your family with the most efficient way to pay the college bill.  All of the following is included with your College Cash Flow Solution™:

  • You Will Receive College Specific Financial Aid Projections Based On Your Family’s Specific Situation
  • We Will Provide A Personalized Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Report For Each Student Broken Down School By School And Year
  • You Will Discover The 12 Most Powerful College Funding Strategies And Choose For Yourself Which Ones Are The Best For
  • Your Specific Family Situation
  • Provide Strategies On How To Legally “Shelter” The Money That Is Penalizing Your From Getting More Financial Aid
  • You Will Receive College Recommendations Based On Which Colleges Have Historically Given Out The Most Free Money
  • We Will Provide Your Family Current And Potential Expected Family Contribution Projections