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We are a family of six and education has always been important to my husband and I, our oldest daughter was a senior in high school and having four children in Christian education we wondered how our daughter was ever going to be able to go to college, I saw an ad in our Advance Newspaper and thought “what do we have to lose”, so I attended the meeting and signed up myself and my husband to meet with one of the College Funding Advisors.

At the meeting they told us that not only would she be able to go to college but she should apply to the private college that she really wanted to attend, they gave us advice on how to fill out the FASFA and help on the forms and we were amazed at the financial aid she received by the help they gave, she has since graduated from Hope. We began the process earlier and with more knowledge that First Financial Education Centers, LLC gave us to help our second daughter look for ways to be able to afford Calvin and our third daughter to Huntington University.

Our son is now a junior in high school and we have since received the First Financial Education Centers, LLC for him to use and it has done wonders. It got him excited to explore options of college choices and the degrees they offer and it also helped him prepare for the ACT. He is looking into getting an athletic scholarship and his First Financial Education Centers, LLC consultant met with him telling him what the colleges are looking for as far as recruiting videos and e-mail contacting the coaches letting them know who he is.

When the time comes for the paperwork First Financial Education Centers, LLC takes care of this and gives us the confidence that the forms are filled out correctly and on time with the benefit of our child in mind. We greatly appreciate First Financial Education Centers, LLC and would recommend them to anyone with children. First Financial Education Centers, LLC is well worth the dollars invested on the lives of our children.

Dean and Sue C.

Our experience working with the First Financial Education Centers, LLC has been a positive one, right from the start. They have taken the pressures and frustrations out of the college search. Our college funding advisor did a great job taking the time to walk us through the process and explain how things work. He was quick to return all of my phone calls when I had questions and concerns. He even helped us get a better package from our daughter’s college! The rest of the team was great too! We appreciated the time they took with our daughter, the webinars, phone calls and emails were so helpful.

When our daughter was struggling with her choice between two colleges, her College Prep consultant was able to help her process and make the decision that was best for her. Even when she was filling out her college applications, it was a relief to be able to have the First Financial Education Centers, LLC team help her with everything. As a parent, I appreciated having the team keep me on track with my obligations and paperwork. It was truly a delightful experience. I look forward to continuing to work with the First Financial Education Centers, LLC team with all 4 of my children!

Kay M.

About 5 years ago, I went to a presentation given by our college funding advisor, where he talked about some of the basic tenants of his book “Cash for College”. I heard him say things about planning for college that I had never heard before. We had no idea how we were going to help our four daughters get to college. We had not set aside any money for college, nor did we invest in any type of college savings plan. I was always intimidated by the process so I avoided it. When I heard our college funding advisor talk, he explained the college funding process in simple terms that made sense to me. We set up an appointment wit him, and after meeting with him everything sounded good, but I was still skeptical and hesitant to invest money in their services. So in the end we did NOTHING.

A year went by and our oldest daughter signed up for classes at Community College and went there for 2 years. She worked, scrimped and saved to pay for books and classes, but had little to no support or knowledge on how to prepare for a 4 year degree and her aspirations for law school. Frustrated with not being able to help my daughter, I said to myself, “I can’t let this happen to my three other daughters.” So I dug out an old First Financial Education Centers, LLC brochure and called to set up an appointment. My wife and I went in for a consultation, and once again they helped us to realize that college was possible for our children. Even though we were not in the best financial situation, I felt that hiring the First Financial Education Centers, LLC would be a good investment.

So we signed up. This turned out to be the best decision we could have ever made for our daughters’ college education. Three years after hiring First Financial Education Centers, LLC, I have one daughter in her second year at Calvin College, and another preparing to go to the college of her choice next fall. They have been through multiple webinars since their sophomore year in high school, all of which prepared them early for the college search and application process. There were webinars to help them identify career interests and write effective college admissions essays. The college specialists provided guidance in finding a college that was the best “fit” for our daughters and helped us make the most out of our college visits.

If nothing else, the single most important benefit I’ve enjoyed from First Financial Education Centers, LLC is that they complete ALL of our financial aid paperwork for us. This alone has saved us many hours of blood, sweat and tears. What would normally be a very threatening and stressful process has been made easy by our friends at First Financial Education Centers, LLC, and believe me, they are like friends.

When we call with a question they are happy we called and always eager to provide guidance and advice. It’s like having our own private college consultants at our fingertips. Hiring First Financial Education Centers, LLC is a decision that will save you money and stress. I can’t imagine going through this process without them.

Thanks to everyone at First Financial Education Centers, LLC!

Chad S.

As an older single parent of two high school students, I worried that by the time I paid off my recently acquired 30 year mortgage, and their college tuition I would be working until I was disabled or dead. After a 3,000 mile visit from the west to east coast to visit some of the better colleges with my daughter this summer, I learned I had grossly underestimated my worst fears of financial wreck and ruin. For about two weeks after we returned home I went into a state of depression. Then I became angry and decided there had to be some way to fight this unfair system of being overqualified for aid when I struggle to make ends meet most of the time. I went online to learn what I could do. The more I learned the more helpless I felt. Then I came across a YouTube video clip on Good Morning America where a College Prep advisor was being interviewed. I found the number to the First Financial Education Centers, LLC, called, and asked many questions they patiently answered. I set up a webinar consultation for the following week, and in the meantime did an extensive search to find out any negatives about the company. I could find none. In fact everything I read was extremely positive.

I joined the team, sight unseen, as I live in Southern California and they are located in Michigan. And I have been more than impressed with the professional and knowledgeable manor in which the team works. From helping me to devise a plan to fund college, pay my mortgage, and have hope of retiring after all, to helping my daughter qualify for the best colleges at a price we can afford, the First Financial Education Centers, LLC team has more than met my expectations. They have even alleviated the stress and headaches of the college application quagmire. Complicated forms, dates and deadlines are now no longer all on our shoulders. Thank you First Financial Education Centers, LLC! Because of your expertise and hard work my children and I are each looking at our tomorrows with hope!

Delores A.

Kevin and I have two children, Devin, a senior, and Jared, a fifth grader. We first heard of First Financial Education Centers, LLC from the flyer our daughter Devin brought home. I have to admit I was a big skeptic. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go and hear what I thought was just another “sales pitch”. I prayed about it because we were afraid we were going to need help with the expense of Devin’s college education. One day at work, I was talking to our youth pastor about it and she said “If they can give you just one piece of information about scholarships and how to get them it will be worth it”.

I decided to go to the meeting. I learned so much at the meeting I scheduled a free consultation for the next day. I was not sure my husband could make it, but we were going to try. I wanted him to hear what I heard, because it seemed too good to be true. My husband did make the meeting with me and we learned even more about how First Financial Education Centers, LLC works to help families. There was no pressure put on us from anyone from First Financial Education Centers, LLC to make a decision. We went home and prayed again. We decided to try to make the cost work for us in our finances. We did not have any in savings, so we were going to have to find a way to get the money. We prayed again. We called the Credit Union where we do business and explained what we needed. We filled out all the paper work and began to wait. That afternoon the Credit Union called us back and told us we could add the money to an existing loan we had. The changes would be that they could lower our interest rate and our payment would stay the same. Have you ever heard that from your Credit Union? We were needless to say shocked and blessed at the same time. We had our answer and we were ready to go.

I made the phone call to our representative and scheduled the next meeting. Knowing that we don’t have to, fill out the FASFA, worry about getting it wrong and missing a deadline, is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. The First Financial Education Centers, LLC team does that for you. Our daughter would like to go to TCU. The cost for tuition there is high, but not unattainable with First Financial Education Centers, LLC’s help. They are helping Devin to fill out all her applications, checking her essays, helping her meet her deadlines, decided on a field of study, and study for the ACT so that she can qualify for more merit scholarships.

We don’t have to be the pest and nag her to get these things done. First Financial Education Centers, LLC has allowed us to talk with her and not have to push. We are enjoying her senior year instead of fighting about everything. This is still just a small part of what they are doing for us. There is another side that will help you financially plan for college. Kevin and I always talked about setting up a plan for college, but never did it. Needless to say we were afraid of where the money would come from. We now have a financial plan in place because of the First Financial Education Centers, LLC. We are no longer afraid, because knowledge is power.

Six years from now when our son Jared goes to college we will not be afraid of where the money will come from. We call that peace of mind, wouldn’t you. Kevin and I sat down after our free consultation and roughly estimated what it was going to cost us until Jared is out of school to allow First Financial Education Centers, LLC help us. By our calculations they will have saved us ten thousand dollars not to mention stress and family discord. We just wish we had known earlier so that we could be more financially stable for Devin. We know what we have to do now though and are doing everything in our power to take care of her college.

Without First Financial Education Centers, LLC’s help we would have had to take out personal loans for her tuition. They have helped us find the best tax, and interest solutions for us as far as loans are concerned. They have made us aware of other options available to us also. If you haven’t scheduled your free consultation, we urge you to do so now. Devin has someone who keeps in contact with her personally keeping her on track. What a load of responsibility taken off of us. They are double checking applications for her to make sure she has it filled out properly the first time saving us valuable time where merit deadlines are concerned. Merit money is given on a first come first serve basis. This is something that the First Financial Education Centers, LLC team has taught us, so getting these applications filled out in a timely manner is super important. Again if you haven’t set up your free consultation you really should.

Don’t wait until the last year of High school to start. We wish we had started sooner. The First Financial Education Centers, LLC team have been a God send to us.

The Reeves Family
Kevin, Randa, Devin & Jared

We are Dean and Amy Andersen and we have three children Jake 19, Aubrey 15, and Laura 12. Our family partnered with First Financial Education Centers, LLC in the Fall of 2009 which was the beginning of Jake’s Junior year in high school. Friends of us had also been using First Financial Education Centers, LLC’s services and highly recommended them to us. We signed up all three children at that time for help with their college search and entrance.

My husband travels a lot for work and I work full time and our household is really busy. So for us, knowing that the First Financial Education Centers, LLC team was going to handle ALL the FASFA paperwork and details surrounding that was what initially drew us in, but First Financial Education Centers, LLC has done so much more for us!

As a result of all their help, our son Jake is succeeding in his freshman year at Michigan Tech University and loving it! First Financial Education Centers, LLC met our expectations and more! Jake used their ACT prep services which helped him bring his ACT score up and every time Jake needed help with an entrance essay or a scholarship essay, they were there to help him. Our experience with the First Financial Education Centers, LLC has been great! Aubrey is a sophomore and is beginning to seek more of First Financial Education Centers, LLC’s help in order to make sure she is taking the right classes and on the right track for her career choices. We would highly recommend the First Financial Education Centers, LLC to everyone with college bound children.

The time they invest in your children and the burden they take off us as parents in handling all the paperwork and meeting deadlines, etc. is priceless. They made this exciting, busy and sometimes stressful, time in our teen’s life actually enjoyable! Take some of the stress off your family and enjoy those high school years by hiring The First Financial Education Centers, LLC!!

Dean and Amy A.

My husband Jay and I have two daughters, Corinna is in 11th grade and Julia is in 12th grade. While Jay and I have always placed a high importance on our daughter’s having the opportunity to attend four year universities away from home, we never had a plan for how we were going to pay for their education.

The years flew by and while it seemed like they had just started kindergarten the reality was that they were both in high school and college prep was upon us. Our Certified College Funding Advisor was confident and worked hard to provided us with a plan that would help us pay for their education. It was all the information about First Financial Education Centers, LLC that she gave to us that encouraged us to invest in this plan for our girls.

Julia used the ACT program to improve her test scores and found the assistance with her college essays to be super helpful! Last spring we took a college road trip to visit some colleges and both our girls were well prepared from a webinar they had taken through the First Financial Education Centers, LLC program. They knew how to ask all the “right” questions to be able to decide if the school was a good fit for them. Julia had all her college applications in before November 1st and now has more time to work on scholarship applications. Corinna has used the Discovery program twice and has found it to be helpful in helping her decide on a college major. She has also used the SAT prep program and improved her PSAT scores.

The First Financial Education Centers, LLC program has helped improve our daughter’s confidence in preparing and applying to college. We recommend this program to all our friends and acquaintances because the team at First Financial Education Centers, LLC does a great job of empowering families with the skills and information to make the college application, financial, and decision making process fun and stress free.

Gwendolyn J.

We are a family of five with our three children ranging in age from 14 – 21, Paige -21, Tom – 19, and Joe - 14. We had been paying tuition of one sort or another since Paige started pre-school. All of our children attend or attend Muskegon Catholic Central so the notion of tuition and sacrifice are not new to us. With that said, tuition at Muskegon Catholic and tuition at a high quality university are two different things.

About 6 years ago I was lamenting to a co-worker about paying for college in the near future and that I really hadn’t thought it out but was sure I would be paying for it for the rest of my life. He told me about a meeting he had attended and about the three points he took away with him. A unique system of saving, understanding the ins and outs of college costs and helping the student be as clear as possible on their career choice was something I should check out. He then handed me a business card of his college funding advisor. Soon after I made the call and we set up an appointment. I was skeptical to say the least. Once our advisor demonstrated how we could save with the same money we spend today, how First Financial Education Centers, LLC could help my children in choosing the right school including schools we didn’t think we could afford, how this program could be used now for my tuition at Muskegon Catholic and finally how it would be there for my family even if I wasn’t. Well, I was all in.

The First Financial Education Centers, LLC team has been fantastic, easy to communicate with and always very prompt. They have worked with my two oldest to point them in the right direction and neither has changed their major. Paige is graduating this May, in four years, with a Public Relations and Advertising major along with a minor in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago. Never in a million years did I think I could have afforded it. Tom is a sophomore at Central Michigan University and is on schedule towards his goal of a doctorate in Physical Therapy. Lastly, Joe is a freshman at Muskegon Catholic and I have no doubts that in 3 more years he will be off on his path to success.

I have recommended the First Financial Education Centers, LLC team to everyone I know with college bound kids. It’s not too good to be true. The help we have received is the reason my children will realize their educational dreams and I feel confident with this help they will be able to launch their careers and be able to do the same for their families in the future.

Pete P.